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Flight Information

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR FLIGHTS UNTIL YOUR TRIP HAS BEEN GUARANTEED TO RUN. You can reference your welcome email or reach out to your Travel Coordinator  if it is not clear. Please forward over a copy of your flight itinerary to your Travel Coordinator.

We have very specific arrival and departure times for your program. Please carefully read below and call us with any questions.

Fly into and out of New Delhi International Airport (airport code: DEL):

If you are on the Bumthang Valley Extension:

Fly into and out of New Delhi International Airport (airport code: DEL):

We will be taking a flight from Paro, Bhutan back to New Delhi on the last day of the trip.  If you aren’t sure your flights meet the criteria above, please contact Discover Corps

*Discover Corps organizes the RT flight from New Delhi, India to Paro, Bhutan. You are responsible for international flights to and from New Delhi, India. 

Book Your Flights

Discover Corps' dedicated flight partner for all of our trips is the team at Wings Travel. Their team know all of the flight windows and details for each of the destinations that we work in. Please always make sure that your trip is guaranteed to run before booking any airfare!

To get a quote from Wings Travel, please see the details below:

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Requirements

Per Discover Corps' Health & Safety Protocol, we require that all travelers provide proof of a negative COVID-19 at home antigen test within 24 hours of departure.

Please always confirm with your Travel Specialist for current testing requirements prior to departure.  Discover Corps (619) 758-3030