Packing List

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Packing List

As in most tropical countries, Costa Rica has dry and rainy seasons. The rainy season lasts from May to November and the dry season runs between December to April. Be prepared for sudden downpours during the rainy season. Temperature-wise, expect the weather to range from 75°-90+°. As this is a tropical country, it can get very hot, especially in the afternoons!

Please note: in Costa Rica it is perfectly ok to eat fresh fruit and vegetables as well as drink the water.

Suggested Packing List:

Must - Haves:

  • One refillable water bottle

  • Passport. Must be valid for up to 6 months after your scheduled departure date from Costa Rica

  • Bug spray


  • Short-sleeved shirts (we recommend thin, breathable shirts as it is very hot and humid during the afternoons)

  • Rain coat (light weight, water resistant for sudden, unexpected tropical showers)

  • Gym / sportswear (for hiking)

  • Under garments, socks

  • Bathing suits & zip lock bag for suit after rafting

  • Shorts

  • A light pair of long pants (if the bugs get bad)

  • Hat & handkerchief / bandana

  • One pair of flip flops / sandals / water shoes

  • One pair of tennis shoes / closed toe sandals (these are for hiking and WILL get dirty).

    • Please note, heavy hiking boots are not necessary on this trip. Tennis shoes will do just fine if you want to save luggage space!

Bath / Personal:

  • Shampoo

  • Personal medication

  • Prescription sea sickness pills or patch, if applicable

  • Dramamine (if driving on windy/rough roads makes you nauseous)

  • Glasses / contacts / contact solution

  • Personal toiletries

  • Sunscreen

  • Beach towel


  • Books and/or magazines

  • Watch or small alarm clock

  • Binoculars for Corcovado tour

  • Light day bag or pack (small backpack would be ideal)

  • Sunglasses, particularly if you’re sensitive to sunlight

  • Personal snacks that you may need or crave (such as granola bars or power bars). There are not many stores around the community we stay in so please bring any necessary snacks with you.

  • Disposable camera, film camera or digital camera - and film or memory card(s) for digital camera

  • "Moutttop", or a bug bracelet. This will help keep bugs away from you in addition to bug spray.


  • Linens / blankets

  • Pillow

  • Hand soap

*Laundry service is not available during the trip. We advise that you should bring enough lightweight clothes to avoid having to do laundry during the trip.

*Electrical outlets in Costa Rica are the same as in the United States. Voltage is 110 volts. There is no adapter needed if coming from the U.S.