Natural Cuba Extension

You've traveled all the way to Cuba. Do you have flexibility and want to extend your stay? Experience the natural side of Cuba with a journey to the Western region of Las Terrazas and the Vinales Valley. If you have not booked yet and are interested, please contact your travel coordinator or and they will help you add this on to your trip!

For more information on this extension and to request an itinerary, visit our website by clicking the button below:

Already Going on the Extension?

Here is some important information that you need to know about traveling on the Natural Cuba extension.

  • Contact Info for the extension:
    • DC Cuba Directors: Mario Baguet: Cuba # - +53 5 289 1043 / Dayron Gonzalez: US # - (786) 444-9641
  • Packing List - Please be sure to pack the following for your trip to Western Cuba (some items already mentioned for Cuba packing):
    • Sunglasses, sunscreen & a hat for the sun
    • Comfortable walking shoes - there is a lot of walking around the Vinales Valley and Las Terrazas
  • Visa/Passport info will be the same as the main Cuba itinerary
  • Flight Information - Please see detailed flight information here

Please also see the Pre-Departure booklet emailed to you for other information related to the Cuba: Building Bridges trip and extension!