Casas Particulares – Your Home in Cuba

Since 1997, the Cuban Government has permitted Cubans to rent rooms in their homes to tourists on the island. This revolutionized the lives of many, providing a much needed source of extra income as well as a broader view of life outside Cuba.

Today, casas particulares are essentially family-run bed & breakfasts (think AirBnB’s with private breakfast in the morning). Families invest in making sure their houses are up to international quality standards, and they greet you with Cuban hospitality - but also give you the privacy and comfort you desire.

While houses vary in style from eclectic to classical, they all provide a comfortable glimpse into Cuban life and will be your home while on the island. Which casa you'll be staying in changes from trip to trip, but there are a few photo examples below.

Each casa particular features:

· Double or single occupancy rooms

· Air conditioning

· Private or “Jack-and Jill” style bathrooms

· Hot and cold water

· Key to lock your room

A few notes before you take off:

· *Resources are limited in Cuba so each traveler will have one towel in each casa.

· *In the rural areas of Cuba, you may hear the roosters crowing in the morning.

In Varadero, you will stay in a beachfront hotel.