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You've traveled across the world. Do you have flexibility and want to extend your stay? Visit Peru's Amazon rainforest, one of the most biodiverse and iconic natural sites on the planet. If you have not booked yet and are interested, please contact your travel coordinator or email and they will help you add this on to your trip!

Already going on the Extension? 

Please see below flight information, accommodation details and packing list that you need to know about traveling on the Amazon Rainforest extension.

Flight Information


Tambopata Research Center

Packing List 

Please be sure to pack the following for your Amazon extension:


The lowland rainforests of Tambopata lie far enough south of the Equator to provide a cooler, drier winter season between May and October. The general weather conditions are warm and humid. In Tambopata, the average daytime high temperature is between 78F and 93F (24C and 31C) The average nighttime low is between 66F and 78 F (20C and 24C). 

Cold Fronts - May through September Cold fronts from Argentina can sweep into southwestern Amazonia and push daytime highs down to 50° F (9° C) and the nighttime lows to 43° F (5° C). Thus, during that season always be potentially prepared for cold and drizzle. 

Rainy Months - November through April Be prepared for heavy rain that can continue for hours or days. Around 80% of the annual average 3000 mm rainfall occurs during this season.