Meet the Staff

Alaska guide: Patty

I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in Alaska nearly 30 years in some of the most remote and beautiful communities throughout the state: Fairbanks, Kotzebue, Coldfoot, Kenny Lake, and now Eagle River near Anchorage. While the long summer days are great, I secretly like the winter better as my favorite thing to do is x-country ski with my dog! Our now adult three boys spent their formative youth in the Brooks Range in northern Alaska. With the closest school over six hours away, we homeschooled, which I loved and saw as a natural extension of home life and a great opportunity to mindfully share our love of the wild world. Our flexible schedule allowed for endless hours at the creek, taking walks, climbing mountains, dog mushing, skiing, hunting, canoeing, gardening, picking blueberries, and simply playing. As a guide, I love getting to share some of these fun activities with visitors! I look forward to welcoming Discover Corps travelers to my home state, to impart my knowledge and experiences about Alaska. I look forward to meeting you soon!