Final Checklist

Please review the checklist and make sure you have all items in order well in advance:

  1. Money! Please plan to pull Costa Rican Colones from the ATM machine upon arrival. Most businesses accept USD and credit/debit card, but only Costa Rican Colones are accepted at smaller shops and markets.

  2. Final Itinerary. 10 -14 days prior to departure, you'll be emailed the final itinerary. Please print this and travel with it.

  3. Schedule a pre-departure call. After you get the final itinerary and before you depart, please schedule a call with your trip coordinator to cover last-minute questions and reminders.

  4. Verify Airline Requirements. Some airlines may require additional affidavits to be filled out before travel. Please double-check with your airlines before traveling.

  5. CISI Medical Insurance Cards. You'll be emailed a medical insurance card via CISI Insurance that you'll need to print and travel with.

  1. Take an at-home antigen COVID-19 test. Please take an at-home antigen test within 24 hours of departing and email a photo of the negative results to In an effort to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 prior to travel or en route to the destination, we ask that you take mitigation steps and wear a mask on the plane en route to the destination.