• Spend one morning at Alaska's only wildlife and rescue center, the Alaska Sealife Center where you will go behind the scenes to learn about how stranded or hurt animals are rehabilitated and released back into the wild. You will also learn about puffin conservation and understand why these birds are called Clowns of the ocean!

  • In Homer, visit the Alaska Center for Coastal Studies and explore creatures of the boat harbor way of “belly biology”, take a boat to a remote scientific field station, experience a plankton pull and visit an oyster farm (and try the oysters!)

What to expect:

Travelers will learn about Alaska's various wildlife and conservation. Activities may include:

  • Meeting with a member of the Beluga Whale Alliance to learn about volunteer driven data collection and how they are protecting the Cook Inlet Beluga Population

  • We'll visit with the Alaska Center for Coastal Studies for "belly biology" (which consists of us getting on our belly's on the docks to locate the starfish and mollusks that live here)

  • Take a boat to a remote field station for a plankton pull. What is Plankton pull? dragging a mesh bag through the water to collect plankton and analyze under a microscope- this is the main diet of Oysters so we then visit an oyster farm and get to sample some too.