Zanzibar Extension

You've traveled across the world. Do you have flexibility and want to extend your stay? Visit Tanzania's most iconic tropical island, Zanzibar. If you have not booked yet and are interested, please contact your travel coordinator and they will help you add this on to your trip!

Zanzibar Extension: Pre-Departure Information (4 Day/ 3 Night):

Time to leave the mainland and enjoy some island time. Over the course of 4 days, we’ll compliment our time in Kilimanjaro’s vast plains with an Indian Ocean island adventure. Explore the winding streets of Stone Town venturing through the former Slave Market, the Sultan’s Palace and the Old Arab Fort on a guided tour. Along the way, experience modern-day island life in the coastal spice and fish markets. Venture offshore to idyllic Prison Island and scout for the island’s famous giant tortoises at a sanctuary, relax on powder white beaches and swim in crystal blue waters.

A reminder that Zanzibar is a slower pace of life, people are on "island time", we ask that travelers be flexible as things run at a different pace.

Here is some important information that you need to know about traveling on the Zanzibar extension.

  • Contact Info for the extension: 24 hour contact while on the extension: Adrian Maarschalk 255 782 994 299

  • Packing List - Please be sure to pack the following for the Zanzibar extension in addition to the time in Tanzania:

    • Beach appropriate clothing (swimsuit, sunglasses, light shirts and shorts, flip flops).

    • Light long sleeve shirts and skirts for time in Stone Town (it is more conservative in town)

    • Comfortable walking shoes

    • Rain jacket/umbrella (March to May)

  • Tanzania Visa/Passport info - The same visa and passport requirements would apply as the main itinerary. If you are traveling from the 10-day trip, your visa will cover your time in Zanzibar. Please read here for more information on these requirements.

  • Vaccination Information - Tanzania requires travelers to have proof of yellow fever vaccine if coming from Kenya. Please see CDC Recommendations here. We recommend that you consult your doctor or travel health clinic to discuss further.

  • Health Surveillance Form - Required to be completed within 24 hours prior to departure to Zanzibar - Please fill out this mandatory Health Surveillance Form.

  • Flight Information - Please see detailed flight information here


  • Maru Maru Hotel, Stone Town. Nights 1-2

  • Amaan Beach Bungalows, Nungwi. Night 3

*Accommodations are subject to change based on availability

Tanzania eVisa details:

Tanzania requires a tourist visa for entry into the country. We highly recommend that you apply for an eVisa as this is the easiest and most efficient way to obtain the visa for Tanzania. The E-visa can be obtained here ( Please note that the application must be completed 10-days prior to travel, but we highly recommend doing this as early as possible.

There are a series of questions on the eVisa application form, please refer below for the appropriate selections:

1. Type of Visa- Americans have to apply for Multiple Entry- details here (

2. Nearest Embassy - Choose the metro area that is closest to you.

3. Hotel Addresses -

Nights 1-2:

Maru Maru Hotel, Stone Town

Night 3:

Amaan Beach Bungalows Nungwi, Zanzibar

4. Local Host Information

"Host = Tanzanian Citizen"

  • Name: Khator Masoud Khator

  • Address: P.O.BOX 4141, Stone Town, Zanzibar

  • Phone: +255777426204

  • Email address: