Optional Adventure Supplement

Zip Lining 

Age minimum  is 5 years old, weight limit is 250 lbs.

Built entirely inside the cloud forest, visitors will cross through the unique cloud forest canopy suspended over the forest while attached to a high-weight capacity cable and using the best climbing gear which combined provides a wonderful experience. This tour not only combines the thrill of one of Costa Rica's most safe and popular adventures but also provides a unique viewpoint of the cloud forest canopy which was only possible to enjoy by scientists until recently.

The tour consists of 13 cables, including a 1 km cable, 15 platforms, and one Tarzan Swing (optional). There is a total of 2.2 miles of total cable length. It is suitable for people of all ages although it's not recommended for certain people with extreme excess weight. Visitors should wear long pants, sturdy tennis shoes, and a rain jacket depending on the weather.

At the instruction platform, we go over all the necessary guidelines for a successful and safe tour completion.  Next, visitors will be taken to the first platform where they will start the tour. Visitors will cross through the forest canopy passing through three sections of cables in which they will need to take small walks in between each section. - During one of these walks, they will reach our Tarzan Swing where those with an adventurous spirit will surely get a blast. The Tarzan Swing is a side activity included in the tour where we give our visitors the option of swinging through the forest while attached to a high-security rope, with which they jump out of a platform and experience adventure at its best.


This river is the natural southern border of Manuel Antonio National Park. The section we run goes from the town of Villanueva in the mountains to the Llamarón Bridge on the road from Quepos to Dominical. The river is 6 miles long, the first half you'll run rapids and on the second half the river opens up on the Pacific flatlands giving us the opportunity to enjoy the view and see many species of birds like the Ringed King Fisher and the White Ibis. The total experience is 4 hours long. 

*Please note that if you choose to zip line in Monteverde, others who opt-out will have free time. Those who do not raft near Quepos will have the chance to instead, visit Manuel Antonio National Park for a light hike and hang out at the beach. Unfortunately, there isn't adequate time to do both rafting and a visit to the National Park.  

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