Zanzibar Extension

You've traveled across the world. Do you have the flexibility and want to extend your stay? Visit Tanzania's most iconic tropical island, Zanzibar. If you have not booked yet and are interested, please contact your travel specialist and they will help you add this on to your trip!

Zanzibar Extension: Pre-Departure Information (5 Days/ 4 Nights): 

Time to leave Kenya  and enjoy some island time. Over the course of 5 days, we’ll complement our time in Kilimanjaro’s vast plains with an Indian Ocean island adventure. Explore the winding streets of Stone Town venturing through the former Slave Market, the Sultan’s Palace and the Old Arab Fort on a guided tour. Along the way, experience modern-day island life in the coastal spice and fish markets. Venture offshore to idyllic Prison Island and scout for the island’s famous giant tortoises at a sanctuary, relax on powder white beaches and swim in crystal blue waters. 

Here is some important information that you need to know about traveling on the Zanzibar extension.


Tanzania eVisa details:

Tanzania requires a tourist visa e-visa for entry into the country. The E-visa can be obtained here on the Tanzania Visa Application System . Please note that the application must be completed at-least 10 days prior to travel, but we highly recommend doing this within 40-60 days prior to departure, as it can take a long time for you to receive it approved in your email. If you would like assistance with the visa process you can also reach out to our recommended visa servicer G3, we highly recommend assistance for this type of visa.

There are a series of questions on the eVisa application form, please refer below for the appropriate selections: 

1. Type of Visa- Americans have to apply for Multiple Entry- details here -  Tanzania Visa Application System

2. Hotel Addresses

Nights 1-2: 

Serena Stone Town

Night 3: 

Essque Zalu

3. Local Host Information

"Host = Tanzanian Citizen"

Your Tanzania eVisa will be sent to you via email. Allow 4-10 business days for your visa to be completed and emailed to you. 

Please ensure that your passport has at least two sets of blank pages marked  “Visas” and will be valid for at least six months following your trip start date.

VISA UPON ARRIVAL - not recommended

Alternatively, you can obtain a visa on arrival at the airport, but be prepared for long queues and processing times. Discover Corps highly recommend you applying for you visa online, prior to departure. Some airlines require you to have a visa before travel.

If you opt to obtain the visa upon arrival, the Tanzania visa fee is 100 USD for US citizens. This fee must be paid in dollars upon arrival. Please bring cash.

These instructions are for US citizens only; if you are not a US citizen, please contact your Travel Coordinator, or if you opted for assistance, please contact G3 directly at 88.883.8472 or


Tanzania’s currency is the Tanzanian Shilling (TZS). It’s relatively easy to exchange foreign currency at banks, exchange bureaus, and authorized Forex dealers in tourist areas, major towns, and cities. US Dollars are widely accepted throughout the country, especially by safari operators, lodges, and other tourist services. However, be aware that most places will only accept notes printed after 2006 and in good condition, while some establishments may refuse to accept $100 bills or give you a lower exchange rate on them.

If you prefer to use your credit card while traveling in Tanzania, then it’s best to carry one that has a Visa or Mastercard logo. Most of Tanzania’s high-end hotels, tour companies, restaurants, and shops accept credit cards, but smaller establishments in rural areas may not. Bear in mind that many Tanzanian businesses will add a 3–5% surcharge for credit card transactions, so it can be a good idea to carry cash as a backup.

Overall, it’s advisable to carry both Tanzanian Shillings and US dollars in cash when traveling to Tanzania. You can exchange your foreign currency for Tanzanian Shillings at banks and Forex bureaus or withdraw money from ATMs. Nevertheless, be sure to notify your bank that you will be traveling to Tanzania before your trip to ensure uninterrupted access to your funds while abroad.