Peru: Children of the Andes <

We are often asked what items can be brought to Peru to be donated to community members. Here are some ideas of items of need and for enjoyment.

  • Azul Wasi: All boys home to around 22 young boys. At the center, they have a nice inventory of school supplies & soccer balls already. Most kids are around 14-16 years old and they are more focused on electronics. If you'd like to contribute in a positive way, please feel free to contribute financially as the director will use this to pay for electricity, water, and food. Discover Corps' contributions help support these necessities though we have not been able to send as many travelers to Peru as we generally do. Every bit helps.

    • The boys appreciate baseball hats, any sport-related wear. Please, no original or expensive items, please.

    • Socks

    • glove

    • belts

    • bandanas with colors of the U.S. Flag

    • Anything "USA" related!

  • Community of Andahuaylillas Here the kids enjoy playing games

    • UNO

    • any type of card games

    • Jenga

    • Domino

    • Chinese checkers

    • Small instruments such as harmonics & tambourines.

    • Educational games, flashcards

    • Books to learn English

    • the kids LOVE Nutella (!) and it's expensive to buy in Peru

    • Maple syrup

    • peanut butter

    • Jelly

    • small accessories like cloth bracelets or necklaces. Scrunches, hair accessories for the girls.

If you have any questions about these items, please ask Discover Corps. Donations are not expected but are so very appreciated by the kind faces across the locations we visit in Peru.