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Packing List

Kenya has a pleasant, tropical climate due to its location.  During the dry season from June to October, the average high is 75°F with a low of 68°F. Early mornings and nights can dip down to 50 degrees. Then from November to May during the wet season, the average high 82°F then cools down into the high 70°F.  

IMPORTANT: In 2017, Kenya passed a law banning single-use plastic bags to avoid plastic pollution, so please do not bring those. Plastic bags of any kind are not allowed. This includes shopping/grocery bags and garbage bags. Ziploc bags can be fine, but if it's not necessary to carry those, it might be safer not to. Instead of plastic bags, use dry bags, reusable bags, and a rain cover (day pack).  

Suggested Packing List: 



***There is laundry available at the lodges at Sweewaters and Encounter Mara but we recommend bringing enough lightweight clothes to last you through the trip. Clothes will be hand-washed; however for hygienic reasons, undergarments are unable to be washed, so pack accordingly. 

Bath/ Personal: 


*Electrical outlets in Kenya are 240 volts and 50 Hz. Therefore, an adapter is needed if you coming from the U.S. We recommend purchasing a universal adaptor.