Currency & Tipping Guidelines


Please contact your bank ahead of your departure and let them know you will be traveling to Kenya and or Tanzania. If your bank is not informed they may block access to your card while you are there. On this note, there is no need to bring large quantities of cash. There are plenty of ATMS in Nairobi and your guide can always make a stop for you to take out money. We recommend travelers allocate around $400+ for souvenirs, tips etc. 


Our Discover Corps guides and drivers are some of the best. While the program fee covers all gratuities for most hotels, meals, baggage & transportation, gratuity for your guide/staff is not included. To show your appreciation, tips are highly encouraged. You can tip in Dollar or Kenya Shillings.  Please consider this when converting money or using the ATM machine at the airport upon arrival. Please note, that there are no ATMs available at the camps that you stay, only during your time in Nairobi.

 Please use this recommendation as a general guide:

$1 USD = 103.80 KES, Kenyan Shilling*

Also please feel free to bring them any gifts to remember you by or write them a note before you leave! 

*conversion rates vary daily, check the site for up-to-date quotes.