Rainbow Mountain Extension

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Rainbow Mountain Extension

You've traveled such a long way. Do you have flexibility and want to extend your stay in Peru? Visit Rainbow Mountain, in addition to a local nonprofit organization working to protect Peru's nature and wildlife. If you have not booked yet and are interested, please contact your travel coordinator or email info@discovercorps.com and they will help you add this on to your trip!

  • DAY 10: Visit the Pacha Conservancy: This morning we’ll visit the Pacha Conservancy camp, an environmental organization where orchids and tea plants grow amid Inca-style stone walls. (B,L,D)

  • DAY 11: Hike to Rainbow Mountain: Today we’ll embark on an adventurous (and challenging) six-mile hike to the gorgeous Montaña de Siete Colores (Mountain of Seven Colors), most famously known as Rainbow Mountain. Marvel at the untouched desert landscapes, countless alpaca herds, and snow capped mountains along the way. (B,L,D)

  • DAY 14: Return Home: Today sees the end of our Peruvian adventure, and we’ll say our goodbyes before transferring you to the airport for your flight home. (B)

A Note on Altitude Sickness:

  • Rainbow mountain sits an altitude of about 17,060 (higher than Cusco). Certain people are affected by high altitude and may experience symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and shortness of breath. This is known as "altitude sickness" or "mountain sickness".
  • We recommend consulting your local travel clinic or doctor if you'd like to obtain medication prior to traveling to Peru. Many locals in Peru drink coca tea or chew on coca leaves to help reduce the effects. This is an option as well.

Packing list for Rainbow mountain:

  • Warm layer of cloths
  • Ski jacket / Scarf(s) / Gloves / Ski hat
  • Trekking shoes and socks
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • Toilet paper and hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Small Backpack
  • Coca candy or coca leaves