Medical Insurance (Print ID Card)

As a Discover Corps participant, you are automatically enrolled with our medical provider, Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) while you are on your trip.

Your automatic "CISI" coverage while you travel with Discover Corps

Please print your medical card before departing on your trip. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the CISI login portal here.
  2. Create an account. You will be to view, print and email: ID Card, Plan of insurance brochure and Claim form and much more.
    1. Fill-in your First Name, Last Name, and Birth Date then click continue.
    2. Enter the e-mail address where you would like the temporary passport sent and click on "Send Password to this email."
    3. Go and check this e-mail address for your myCICI temporary passport. Please note: Your username is your email address
    4. After retrieving your Password, go back to the page you were on last and click on Login Here or go to Login to my CISI from the homepage and enter your username and temporary password and click Log In.
    5. Once into your portal the left-hand side will have a list of internal links (My Profile, My Itinerary, My Documents etc.)
    6. Under the "My Documents" section you are able to view, pring and/or email your personalized documents such as your ID card, Consulate Letter, Policy Brochure, and Claim form.

NOTE: Your insurance information will be available on the CISI website starting 2 weeks prior to departure.


You also have the opportunity to upgrade your insurance option beyond the "CISI" benefit package to suit your preferences. An upgrade is an improvement over the existing "CISI" coverage.