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Travel Documents

A visa is REQUIRED for volunteer service in Tanzania. You are encouraged to begin the visa application process 6-12 weeks prior to your departure.

Travelers must obtain an "Other Business" category of visa for travel in Tanzania. This visa type allows for both entry into Tanzania for up to 90 days and volunteering during the stay. There are two options for this:

Option 1 - Full Service Option (Discover Corps Recommended)

  • Use our recommended visa processor: G3 Global Services: http://www.g3visas.com/discovercorps.html. G3 is familiar with our programs and can assist you every step of the way
  • Please download, print, and carefully read the document attached at the bottom of this page: This document contains: Cover page, Tanzania application, consent letter, and requirements page
  • Email G3 for questions and help with your visa process: DiscoverCorps@g3visas.com
  • When using G3, mail your completed packet to G3 Visas & Passports:
    • 919 18th Street NW, Suite 230
    • Washington, DC 20006
    • Do NOT mail your packet to the Tanzanian Embassy

Option 2 - Obtain the visa directly through the embassy on your own:

Apply and work directly with the Embassy. Note that Discover Corps is not able to assist in the do-it-yourself visa option. The Embassy may return your application and passport without the business visa, and are not required to tell you what documents/items were missing from your application. For travelers located outside of the United States, please contact the Tanzanian Consulate in your home country.

Please follow the application steps & requirements which are also outlined on the Embassy of Tanzania's Website :

  1. A completed visa application form, signed by applicant.
    1. An example other-business visa application is attached, please see the bottom of this page.
    2. The visa will be placed inside of the traveler's passport. You will need to mail your valid passport in with your visa application. Passports must have at least two blank pages available. Passports must be valid for at least six months prior to its expiration date.
    3. Mark "Other Business" on the visa application under Purpose of Visit.
    4. Enter the program start date or the date that the travelers flight arrives into the country.
    5. You must have a flight itinerary to apply for a visa. Write "Yes" if you have a flight itinerary, and write your ticket number. Your travel agent or the airline will know your ticket number if it is not written on your itinerary.
    6. Although you may only be traveling with $200-$300 in cash, we recommend writing $2000 to show proof of funds, financial stability, and the ability to enter and exit Tanzania.
    7. When you are asked on the visa application about the purpose of travel click the box saying “Non-Business.”
    8. For contact people within Tanzania, input:
      1. Esther Simba
      2. PO Box 7461
      3. Moshi
      4. Tanzania
      5. +255 764-771-7139
  2. The actual passport valid for at least 6 months.
  3. Two passport sized photographs recently taken.
  4. A prepaid self-addressed envelope to facilitate return of passport by the most secure mail
    1. Be sure you are able to track it.
    2. FedEx and UPS are accepted.
    3. The Embassy shall NOT be responsible for any loss or damage which occurred due to poor packaging, or that which occurred at courier handling facility.
  5. Provide flight itinerary, ticket or tour operator package receipt.
  6. People traveling for specific reasons other than tourism must submit a letter from their organization or office. These include but not limited to volunteers, people attending meetings & conferences, studies, diplomatic, official and any other business not mentioned here. Please see attached templates for the invitation letters - one for the standard 10-day trip and one for the 10-day trip plus the Zanzibar Extension.
  7. Parental Approval for minors:
    1. Visa applications for minors under 18 years traveling alone or with only one parent/legal guardians should be accompanied by:
    2. A notarized letter, jointly signed by parents or legal guardians approving the minor to travel.
    3. A copy of their ID
  8. Visa Fee: U.S. Passport holder: $ 250, Non U.S.: $250. Modes of payment accepted are:
    1. Money Order or Cashier’s Check.
    2. Company or Organization Checks
    3. Personal Checks – Should be accompanied by a copy of valid driver’s license or simply write the driver’s license number on the check
    4. Cash is NOT accepted.
    5. All checks and money orders should be made Payable to the Embassy of Tanzania, Washington DC.
    6. All credit cards accepted, EXCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS. Please click here to download a form for credit card payment.
    7. Visa Fee is NON REFUNDABLE.

Example Tanzania Visa application can be found here. Click the image below to download your forms and get started:

Template - 2019 Invitation Letter TZ Discover Corps - ZNZ Extension.docx
Template - 2019 Invitation Letter TZ Discover Corps.docx