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Peru’s climate can be divided into two seasons: wet and dry, though the weather varies greatly depending on the geographic region. Because Peru is in the Southern Hemisphere, the “summer” is from December to March. During these months, the weather is usually sunny and warm on the coast and on the western slopes of the Andes. We have opposite seasons, our summer is Peru's winter. If traveling during the winter or dry season (April to November), weather in the high Andes regions is dry and sunny during the day, but temperatures can drop below freezing at night. Be sure to dress in layers!

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During the Peruvian winter months (May to August), it can be very cold, especially during the evenings. Also, in developing countries such as Peru, warming the inside of a home is often difficult. You will need warm clothes for indoors, as well. During these months, please consider packing:

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Voltage: In Peru the supply voltage is 220v. Most four and five-star hotels provide 110-volt plug-ins. There are two types of electrical outlets in Peru: the first one accepts two-pronged plugs with flat, parallel blades, while the second one takes plugs with two round prongs. Many Peruvian electrical outlets are designed to accept both types. You might want to bring type C adaptors.