Travel & Medical Insurance 

Is Travel Insurance Included in my trip? 

No. However, we recommend that our travelers purchase travel insurance to help protect their investment. Our preferred Travel Insurance Provider is Arch Roam Right, who would be happy to assist in getting you travel insurance: 



*Note: Be aware there are some plans that need to be purchased within 21 days of booking a Discover Corps trip in order to be eligible for certain benefits such as pre-existing conditions.*

Is Medical Insurance Included in my trip? 


Yes. Discover Corps includes Medical Insurance (CISI Medical Evacuation Insurance) on all trips. Up to $30,000 in medical expenses, and up to $50,000 in emergency medical evacuation. Prior to your trip, you will be emailed a medical insurance card via CISI Insurance that you'll need to print and travel with. 

What is the difference between Travel & Medical Insurance? 

Travel insurance is designed to cover last minute cancellations and or disruptions as well as loss of personal belongings whereas international health insurance is designed to cover some medical treatments abroad, as well as emergency evacuation insurance.