Please expect long drives on this trip. Your driver/guide (which can be the same person) will be one of the most experienced professionals who will help you explore all the beautiful sites and wildlife in Uganda. However, please be prepared for rough terrain, bumpy roads, and unexpected situations such as a flat tire. Rest assured our staff is highly trained and well prepared. 

This is an estimate, but it can vary depending on the road, traffic, and stop overs.

Day 2: Entebbe > Kibale National Park and check into Ndali: ≈ 7 hours

Day 5: Kibale National Park > Queen Elizabeth National Park:  3.5 hours

Day 7Queen Elizabeth National Park > Bwindi National Park 4-5 hours

The flight on the last day of the trip is 1 hour and 15 minutes into Entebbe.

Physical Demand

Moderate-Difficult: please make sure to be active and go on long walks/hiking before your trip.

Gorilla trekking is, by its nature, a highly physical experience. The trek itself can last anywhere from an hour to four hours each way depending on how deep the gorillas are in the jungle. This equates to walking a mile to several miles each way in a dense equatorial jungle. You will have a guide and optional porter with you who will help you throughout the experience. There is no maximum age, but we do recommend that you feel comfortable walking long distances in the heat (and likely rain) along uneven trails. 

The paths are mostly well-worn and do have some inclines. Parts can be shrouded with thicker jungle and foliage which is why the guide leads the group with a machete to clear the brush. We highly recommend you hire a porter (about $20 plus tip - around $5) during your trekking as they will help to carry your bags and assist you along the way (and it helps support the local community).

Part of the excitement of visiting the gorillas is not knowing exactly where you will find them. The altitude, the dark forest, the rain, and the mud can make it tiring, but it’s well worth the effort. You will find the gorillas in very different settings, depending on your location: in an open clearing, with clear views and plenty of sunlight, or in a denser part of the forest under a thick canopy. 

Remember that sightings are not guaranteed but there is at least a 95 percent chance that you will find your gorilla family.

Please contact a Travel Specialist if you would like to discuss this in more depth.