Accommodations, Meals & Services 

Your Home in Cuba: Casa's Particulares 

Since 1997, the Cuban Government has permitted Cubans to rent rooms in their homes to tourists on the island. This revolutionized the lives of many, providing a much needed source of extra income as well as a broader view of life outside Cuba. Today, Casa's Particulares are essentially family-run bed & breakfasts (think AirBnB’s with private breakfast in the morning). Families invest in making sure their houses are up to international quality standards, and they greet you with Cuban hospitality - but also give you the privacy and comfort you desire. While houses vary in style from eclectic to classical, they all provide a comfortable glimpse into Cuban life and will be your home while on the island. Which Casa you'll be staying in changes from trip to trip, but there are a few photo examples below.

Each Casa features & provides:

Things to Keep In Mind:

*Note: The photos below are examples of “Casa’s” where travelers have stayed in the past and are not necessarily the Casa's you will experience on your trip.

Meals & Drinks 

Most meals & drinks are included in your Discover Corps trip with the expectation of 1-2 depending on your final itinerary. We also do our best to accommodate any dietary restrictions and allergies such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant etc.

Food in Cuba is wide ranging, however it in short is simple and fresh, relying heavily on ingredients produced organically on the island. Therefore you can get excited about a distinct change from processed fast foods to slow-cooked organic dishes. The island is also home to a diverse array of fruits, such as mango, pineapple, papaya, and guava that you will be sure to enjoy over breakfast. Also you can expect lots of yummy mojitos! 

*Note: We also will be providing you with purified drinking water, we do however ask you to bring a reusable water bottle to be able to refill easily.

Laundry Service, Room-Service & Cell-phone reception. 

We do not offer Laundry Service, Room-Service and or Cell-phone reception. 

*Note: If you would like to receive cell phone service we recommend you call and consult your phone provider directly.