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Packing List

Uganda has two dry seasons June-September and December-February. Low season runs between March-May and October-November, these are the rainier months in Uganda.  The weather in Bwindi is extremely unpredictable, prepare for wet weather! 

Please keep in mind that the group will take a small connecting flight at the end of the trip. The bag allowance is 15 kilos per traveler. There is no overhead cabin - there is a price of about ~ USD $3 extra per kilo. Please try to pack light if possible!

Suggested Packing List: 



**Mornings and evenings can be cooler. 

***There is laundry available at all lodges but we recommend bringing enough lightweight clothes to last you through the trip. While your clothes will be washed, they will not be dried. 

Bath/ Personal: 


*Electrical outlets in Uganda are 220-250 volts. Therefore, an adapter is needed if you coming from the U.S. We recommend purchasing a universal adapter. 

What to Pack (gorilla & chimp trekking)

1. Remember that you’ll be walking through mud and be covered in dirt by the end of your trek. Consider bringing clothes that are not precious, that you don’t mind ruining.

2. Food and water

3. Other gear