Meet the Staff

Tanzania Host: Esther Simba

“Mama Simba” as many people prefer to call her obtained her Bachelor of Education with Languages (Swahili and English) at the Tumaini University Makumira in Tanzania, East Africa. She also has a diploma in music and a diploma in “Applied Linguistics” obtained in Singapore at the Regional Language Center (RELC). She participated in more than fifteen US Peace Corps Training of Trainers workshops and the “Transformational Leadership for Women’s Empowerment" workshop at Naura Springs, Arusha, Tanzania.

Mama Simba is a certified trainer who began her career as a primary school teacher (five years) and later on taught at secondary schools (twelve years) and then trained teachers at Patandi and Marangu Teacher Training Colleges for ten years. She has worked with the US Peace Corps Tanzania on a consultancy basis at different capacities (1989-2001).

Mama Simba is a skillful and talented language trainer of both Swahili and English and competent cross-cultural facilitator. She is not only a director and a leader but also “a dear mother”- loving, caring, charismatic, approachable, supportive and open to accommodate new ideas. Mama Simba believes that the "sky is the limit" and has learned a lot from her travels in the US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Peru, South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi, Eritrea, Uganda and Kenya.

Her passion is to empower others in special ways, develop herself and others at different levels to meet the changing world and support them in any way possible for them to reach their goals. Her life philosophies have been fighting against personal and community poverty, supporting others (young and adults), and educational development. For her, it is always a great privilege and honor to work with the local and global communities, to be trusted and to be given the opportunity to serve the world at large.