Our Purpose

Journey into the heart of the East African wilderness by exploring three of Uganda’s famed national parks. Not only will we experience a series of captivating wildlife encounters, but we’ll also make an invaluable contribution to the protection of these animals. Discover Corps offers this completely unique experience where you trek with a veterinarian and assist in the collection and lab analysis of gorilla data from stool samples, and learn more about the vital preservation work being done by the Gorilla Conservation Camp.

Over the course of 10 days, we will immerse ourselves in the natural world, with overnight stays in stunning safari lodges combined with excursions into a series of Ugandan wildlife reserves. Animal encounters will include tracking and observing chimpanzee families in their natural habitat, spotting elephants, leopards and buffalo on game drives, and coming face-to-face with rare tree-climbing lions - a rare breed of lion only found two places in the world - as you track them with a local conservationist.

In addition to safari experiences, we’ll also enjoy a host of authentic cultural experiences, from visiting the children at a rural community school to learning basket-weaving from women involved in a local charity project.