Suggested Tipping

The program fee covers all gratuities for hotels, meals, baggage & transportation. Gratuity for your guide/staff is not included, we do recommend $150 South African Rand or $10 USD per person, per day. This can be included in the bill and charged at the accommodation -or- you can leave it in an envelope at the end of the 10 days. Please take this into consideration when converting money or using the ATM machine at the airport upon arrival. Please note, there are no ATM machines available at the camp.

$1 USD = 13.71 ZAR, South African Rand*

*conversion rates vary daily, check the site for up to date quotes.

Note, there will be several guides assisting you throughout the trip. You are welcome to provide an envelope with the tip enclosed and leave it with Lily, your hostess, at the end of the trip and she will be sure to share the amount with the various guides.

Victoria Falls Extension - We recommend a gratuity of around $5-7 USD per person per day for the guide. You can tip in USD. You can leave it with your guide at the end of your time in Victoria Falls!