Currency &  Tipping


The official currency in Vietnam is the Vietnam đồng (₫/ VND). Vietnamese notes are a mix of small paper bills (no coins are used), and larger polymer bills, in values from 10,000 VND to 500,000 VND.

Current exchange rate (Feb 2024) approx. 1 USD = 24,400 VND; 1 Euro = 26,100 VND. You receive a slightly better exchange rate for $100 and $50 notes than for smaller denominations.

Most credit cards are accepted in Vietnam. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted. JCB and AMERICAN EXPRESS are also accepted in some outlets. Not all hotels, commercial centers, shops, and restaurants accept credit cards, so please check with the cashier before making any purchases. Bear in mind that in some places a surcharge usually applies for credit card purchases: this depends on which credit card is used but is normally in the range between 2% – 4%. 

You also might want to have some cash for small items at street stalls or small souvenir stores. ATMs for withdrawing Vietnamese Dong are available in major airports, hotels, towns and capitals of provinces throughout Vietnam. Most ATMs have an English language version. Ask your tour guide for help when you need to locate an ATM.


We would recommend tipping your Discover Corps Guide around  $30-$60 (739500 - 1479001) per person for the duration of the trip based on what you feel appropriate after your time in Vietnam. You can leave this with your guide on the last day before departure.  Tip can be in US Dollars or VND.

Please note that we include tips for restaurants and hotels.