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Packing List

The Adriatic coast of Croatia enjoys a Mediterranean climate of cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. The sunniest island in Croatia is Hvar, with over 2,700 hours of sun per year. Split and Dubrovnik are the next sunniest spots in Dalmatia. Expect a range of temperature in the summer months of 60-90 degrees.

Suggested Packing List (Late Spring / Summer / Early Fall):

Must - Haves:

  • One refillable water bottle
  • Passport. Must be valid for up to 3 months after your scheduled departure date from Croatia
  • Eco-friendly sunscreen
  • Please be sure to allocate funds ($150 per person) if you decide to do the optional wine tasting excursion in the afternoon of Day 6
  • IMPORTANT: We recommend that you pack as light as possible as well as use a bag with wheels as you will be responsible for getting your bags on and off the boats during the transfers between islands. The lighter and more maneuverable, the better!


  • Short-sleeved shirts (we recommend thin, breathable shirts as it is very hot and humid during the afternoons)
  • Wind coat & long sleeved shirt/fleece for the wind (light weight, water resistant)
  • Gym / sportswear (for hiking)
  • Under garments
  • Bathing suits for water activities
  • Shorts
  • A light pair of long pants
  • Sun hat
  • One pair of flip flops / sandals / water shoes
  • One pair of tennis shoes / closed toe sandals (these are for hiking and WILL get dirty)

Bath / Personal:

  • Personal medication
  • Prescription sea sickness pills or patch, if applicable. There is a lot of time spent on the water!
  • Dramamine (if driving on windy/rough roads makes you nauseous)
  • Glasses / contacts / contact solution
  • Personal toiletries
  • Reef safe Sunscreen, Discover Corps recommends Eco-friendly, non-aerosol choices such as:
    • Badger Sunscreen
    • Raw Elements Sunscreen
  • Beach towel or sarong since it takes up less packing space


  • Books and/or magazines
  • Watch or small alarm clock
  • Light day bag or pack (small backpack would be ideal)
  • Sunglasses, particularly if you’re sensitive to sunlight
  • Personal snacks that you may need or crave (such as granola bars or power bars).
  • Disposable camera, film camera or digital camera - and film or memory card(s) for digital camera


  • Linens / blankets
  • Pillows
  • Hand soap / shower gel / shampoo

*Laundry service is not available during the trip. We advise that you should bring enough lightweight clothes to avoid having to do laundry during the trip.

*Electrical outlets in Croatia are similar to the rest of Europe and 2-round pink sockets operate on 220 volts AC. Voltage is 110 volts. An adapter is needed.